The export - price for a puppy at the age of 8 - 10 weeks varies according to the colour between

Black puppy    :   1 500 Eur - 1 700 Eur / approx 1 800 -  2 100 USD
Black - mantle :   1 700 Eur  - 1 900 Eur/ approx 2000 -  2 300 USD
Merle/ grey      :   1 500 Eur  - 1 600 Eur / approx  1 800 - 1 900 USD
Harlequin         :   2 300 Eur - 2 700 Eur / approx 2 700 - 3 300 USD

Of course including FCI - export pedigree/ for AKF registration/, all nesessery paperwork for the flight and transport to the airport, shotsand deworming. Each puppy has micro-chip,and health-check before leaving and additionally a 2 - year health- guarantee in writing. 
Worldwide shipment cost approximately 700-1200 Eur / 900 - 1500 USD/ for a 8-10 weeks old puppy.
Land transport in Europe cost approximately 300 - 600 Eur for a 8-10 weeks old puppy.

If the puppy needs to stay longer the flight / transport/ costs will become higher and we have to charge a kennel tax of 60 Eur/ 75 USD per weeks .

We have very good experiences with the company Jinopo  . They are located at the Prag and specialized in the transport of domestic animal. 

The room in the airplane is air- conditioned and there´s always an animal keeper who takes care of the puppies during the flight.

For exact shipping costs, please contact the shipping company:
petair@jinopo.cz  ,  +420 724 240 359 .

All Great Danes from our kennel are of course x-rayed  for hip dysplasia  , elbow dysplasia, heart examination -Dopplar, sonography and ECG , DNA tests, eye examination - ectropion and entropion ,
Myophathy / IMGD/ and Faltendoggenmutation , and JRD - Juvenal renal dysplasia . and their good-natured character has been examined by  EuDDC breeding judges.

We provide purchasers of our puppies with a 2 year health guarantee, for serious genetic illnesses. This health guarantee does not include death or illness from viruses that the puppy may contact after it is placed with the buyer, for example the parvo virus, or from death or illness during shipment of the puppy to the buyer. Since certain health problems, such as hip or elbow dysplasia, may result from feeding or exercise decisions made by the buyer after shipment of the puppy, this guarantee does not include hip or elbow dysplasia. However, the Czech - EuDDC government certifies all Great Dane breeding pairs, to make sure there is no genetic history of hip or elbow dysplasia in either the sire or dam before breeding is authorized. Any dispute as to the 2 year health guarantee must be adjudicated in Prag , pursuant to Czech law.

In the case of a reservation, the buyer will receive a binding reservation form - contract on a future contract. The reservation fee is about 1/4 ( 500-700 Eur ) of the price of the puppy. Reservations can be paid by pay-or bank transfer.