3x VAINQUEUR DU CLUB Neuvic France


Abrus Star CB , XI CB , SUPRA CB ... A hard-to-achieve title that must be won in the biggest competition, the best dogs. Every year, 300-400 Great Danes from all over Europe participate in the exhibition. In the year, this highly prized title was won by the harlequin bitch Xi Claudia Bohemica
This year, we won the VAINQUEUR DU CLUB title for our successful Abrus Star Claudia Bohemica category, and in the senior title, the mother of the already mentioned Xi and Abrus - the black female Supra Claudia Bohemica - won.
Joaquín Bernal Los Cespedes (Es) 
Giuzeppe Rizzo ( It)
Veronique Maunder(F)
Handler: Viola Cibulkova