BIS veteran I.*BIS Breeding Group II.*BIS couple II. *Club junior winner *Club veteran winner *Juniorhandling 1.

Great dane club show Germany - KyDD - 22.08.2020 Bingen, Judge Wanda Kotik

BIS veteran I.
BIS Breeding Group II.
BIS couple II.
Club junior winner and Club veteran winner
My daughter Viola/9 y/and XI - Juniorhandling 1.
McLaren Claudia Bohemica - Veteran class: E.1, VCAC, VVDH, BIS Veteran I., Veteran club winner 2020 + the oldest dog of the show
Abrus Star Claudia Bohemica -junior class: Exc.1, JCAC, JVDH, Club junior winner 2020 And Best opposite sex / BOS/
XI Claudia Bohemica - Interm.class: E.2, r.CAC,r.VDH
XXX Whisky Claudia Bohemica - E.2, r.CAC,r.VDH
ZIAJA Claudia Bohemica - junior class: E 3
Thanks to the organizers. in this difficult time, they managed to prepare a fantastic exhibition. Thanks to the judges: Thanks and congratulations also to all exhibitors.